This online gallery shows images of work made by my students at Darrow School, a small coed residential school, from 2004 to 2010. It represents ceramic work made by various classes at different levels, including Ceramics I, Ceramics II/III, The Figure in Clay, and Smoke and Fire.

To see ceramics and sculpture work by my current students at NMH, go to:

Blue Vase
Blue bowls
Tea set
Flowers in a vase
Piggy bank
Andrew Magown
Andrew Magown
Andrew Magown teapot set
Andrew Magown
Michi Matsunaga
Andrew Magown
slab-built house by Tish Manderson
Erina Matsunaga
Leandra Solovay
Michael Polanco
Shelby Kirshner
Michael's tea set
Suria's open bowl
Zoe's hand
horsehair raku
Ji Soo's vase
Jess's Buddha
Sade's vase
Jess's vase
Brendan's hand
Pit Fired sculpture
Japanese style Plate
ceramic sculpture
PIt-fired bowl
Negative space
Pit Fired Bowl
Coiled Vase
Small pit fired bowl
Horsehair vase
Colored Clay vase
Large coiled pot by Jessica Morelock
Lidded pot by Jess Morelock
Large thrown planter by Wunetu
Relief by Hyeji
relief by Nat
Mao's relief pocket
Asian-inspired set by Mike Jolly
thrown and altered set by Gail
Stefina's relief pocket
figure by Cora Rozek
Teapot by Nicole Wielga
Reliefs by Kelly Lehman
self-portrait by Hyeji Kang
Mecah Bellamy-Miller 2007
Barron Hilton 2007
Emily Cooper 2007
April Covington 2007
Chris Coakley 2007
Brendan Fagan 2007
Brendan Fagan 2007
Robot teapot by Amanda Glasser
Lidded form by Amanda Glasser
Ian Lanier self-portrait
Jessi Weinstein Coil Vase
David Winner pit-fired pot
David Winner raku-fired figure
Katelin Smith pit-fired Coil Project
Kenna Hickock Coil Project
Alex raku piece
Alex Armanino saggar pot
David Winner raku
Michi Matsunaga naked raku
Michi Matsunaga raku skull
Rika Laser raku Coil
Rika Laser Pit Fire
Rika Laser raku
Roy Sayewitz raku
Alex Armanino Pit Fire
Seth Hamilton tea pot
Jackie Jones pit fire
Andrew Magown
Andy Pemberton
Alex Armanino
Leandra Solovay
Tyler Fairweather
Sarah Mehaffey
Sarah Mehaffey1
Alex Armanino1
Suria Ambrose
Ben Nelkin
Brad Niss
Brad Niss1
James Ruocco
James Ruocco1
Lily McAllen
Sydney Zavatter
coil basket by Dominique Paul
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